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A camcorder is a portable video camera that can also encode audio alongside the video footage when recording. The device comes with a viewing screen and a rechargeable battery. The categories of first camcorders were recorded on MiniDV tapes. You can use camcorders anywhere without having to move around with power connection cables because it comes with a battery.

Camcorder batteries are rechargeable, and the battery comes with a charger. Of course, something can go wrong that can make your charger not respond. The chargers are available in most media stores for purchase. What if the charger goes bad where you can’t find a charger to buy for immediate replacement? How to charge a camcorder battery without a charger will definitely be your thoughts. This article is all about providing answers to that question.

How to Charge a Camcorder Battery without a Charger

Camcorders come from different manufacturers with different designs and features. As such, their battery and charger designs come in different shapes. You can get detailed information about camcorder designs and presentations through VHS-C Camcorder Review.

People with different camcorders may want to read about charging their specific model of batteries without a charger. The write-up here covers the generic way you can charge a camcorder battery without a charger, which applies to all.

How to Charge a Camcorder Battery without a Charger

Every battery contains electrons that travel from an anode to a cathode. This action comes on when the battery is in use. The battery is said to be fully discharged when the electrons are exhausted in the anode. So the work of the battery charger is to reverse the electron flow back to the cathode. By so doing, your battery will come back to life in a charged form.

The protocol that the battery charger uses to effect charging on the inserted battery is simple. The charger simply drives energy into the battery by forcing an electric current through it. So, whatever means you want to use to charge your battery without a charger, you must be able to do the same.

Before exploring ways to charge a camcorder battery without a charger, we need to know a few things about voltage in battery charging. Voltage ennobles electric charges to travel through wire or other material that can conduct electricity.

There are two types of voltage; the DC voltage and the AC voltage. The abbreviation DC means direct current, while AC means alternating current. DC current is differentiated, meaning that it has negative and positive. If you check your battery terminals, you will see + and – signs on them. The terminal with the + sign is positive, while the terminal with a – sign is negative. Your battery will be damaged if you plug it into an AC voltage because the current there is not polarized.

The following simple steps provide the solution of how to charge camcorder battery without charger.

Integrated Charging System

Please, note that your camcorder battery comes with an integrated charging system. So, if the camcorder is connected to a power source with the battery inside, it will charge whether off or on. So, one way to charge your camcorder battery without a charger is to use the camcorder itself.

Camcorder Power Source

Most camcorders come with AC/DC power adaptor with which you can power your camcorder. An AC/DC power adaptor is a device that you can connect directly to an AC power source. The device converts the AC voltage it receives to DC and feeds it to the camcorder to power it. The most important thing to note here is that any device that can deliver DC voltage can power your camcorder. So, you are good to go in charging your camcorder battery by powering your camcorder.

Camcorder Power Source

All camcorder AC power adaptor that comes with camcorders have their power rating. If you look close, you will see something like 12Volt / 2Amp. So, ensure that the power rating of any power adaptor you want to use to power your camcorder is appropriate.

Compact Power Adaptor

A compact power adapter is a small electrical device that plugs into standard AC outlets and delivers DC as outputs. With it, you can power your camcorder instantly. In addition, if your camcorder is up and running, then your battery can charge without a charger.

Computer Power Source

You can use a USB cable to power your camcorder and use the camcorder to charge your battery. All you need to do is to connect the USB cable to the camcorder and connect the other end to the computer.

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How to Avoid Camcorder Battery Charging Issues

It is possible to avoid camcorder battery charging issues. All you need to do is adhere to the following precautionary measures:

How to Avoid Camcorder Battery Charging Issues

  1. Your fully charged battery can discharge if not used for a long time. So, it is advisable to recharge your battery a day before or on the day you want to use it.
  2. The battery terminal can be coated with dirt. If that happens, your battery may not charge because of poor contact. Therefore, it is advisable to clean or polish terminals with a tissue before charging.
  3. When you unplug your battery charger from the power outlet, ensure that you don’t touch terminal points with your hand for at least 10 seconds.
  4. It is not safe to leave the battery in your camcorder when not in use. Leaving the battery in the camcorder when you are not using it reduces the power gradually.
  5. Your battery pack capacity must be at its normal status to function well. Unfortunately, your camcorder battery on its first arrival is not at its normal capacity. Also, when you have not used the batter for a long period, it loses its normal capacity too. To bring the battery to its normal capacity, do the following; charge the battery fully and discharge it completely several times in the camera.
  6. Be sure that your camcorder battery is still in good shape before setting out for your next recording. One way to know that your battery is losing its strength is when it’s exhausted quickly after a full charge.
  7. Ensure that you are fully equipped with the necessary cables and connectors as you go out to record.

Tips to Care for Your Camcorder Batteries

Your camcorder battery needs some care to help maintain its functionality and lifespan. You can ensure good care for your camcorder by taking the following steps:

  1. Do not overcharge your battery. Always unplug your battery charger from the power mains and remove the battery from the charger after a full charge.
  2. You must store your battery at a controlled temperature. Storing your battery in very hot or cold conditions can affect it adversely, cause it to malfunction or damage it.
  3. It is not safe for you to keep your battery in the mixed metal components. This is because those components can bridge the terminals. If that happens, your battery will definitely be damaged, especially when the bridge is for a long time.
  4. Ensure that both your battery and the charger are kept dry at all times.


We have resolved the issue of how to charge a camcorder battery without a charger in this article. As you use this knowledge, be careful to ensure that you follow the procedures carefully. Do not lose sight of how to care for and stabilize your battery, especially if the battery is new.

You also need to stabilize the battery if you have not used it for a long time.

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