About Us

What is wisephotographer?

Welcome to wisephotographer! This is the place where you’ll find all the latest cameras for different types of photography. Here in this wisephotographer, you’ll find cameras for car photography, Carp fishing, paintball, etc. You’ll also find different types of camera lenses and videography cameras from here.

To help you in finding the best camera and other camera accessories, wisephotographer build a team of expert people. Our experts will guide you to the best camera and other camera accessories based on your preferences. By just following our guidelines, you’ll get the best camera and relevant tools for your next photography.

How Our Products Are Rated

We follow a very systematic process to-rated our products. Our complete team goes through a step-by-step process to make the product review. First, we distribute the tasks among our team members according to their expertise.

Once the task was distributed, we started with market research. Our research and investigation team does that. From the findings of our research team, we select the best of the best products from the top companies based on the customer’s acceptance.

Then our expert team studies the real buyer’s reviews and notes down their suggestions. We cross-checked these data with our findings and selected the best product for reviews. Once our research team completes all the analyzing processes, they forwarded the data to the writing department. With the following data, the writing team writes a detailed review of the product with a complete buying guideline.

How We Make Product Reviews?

Market Research And Investigation

Before writing about any product reviews, our research and investigation team first started with market research. They deeply study the popular companies & their products to understand the characteristics of the products.

Identifying And Determining the Core Features

Once our research team completed the market research and product analysis, we identified the main features of a product. Because all the features that a product offers, may not have the same importance to the customers. Therefore, our expert team identifies the core feature of a product and separates the product, based on its main features.

Product Selection

To make product reviews, we don’t select random products. Our expert team provides data on best-selling products that are highly appreciated by customers as well. From that list, our investigation and research team find the best of the best products and select them for final analysis.

Reviews Analyzing

Analyzing the real buyer reviews is one of the main tasks in our product review process. We deeply study the buyer’s reviews for each and every single product that we’ve listed. By analyzing the real buyer’s reviews, we get the real-life experience of a product.

Product Ranking

Every single product that you find on this site has a ranking, based on its characteristics, quality, durability, functionality & price. We give a positive score for each positive side and a negative score for each downside. After total scoring, naturally, the best products get the best ranking.

Reviews Writing

Once our team completes all the above steps, we have completed analyzing data of our selected product. We forwarded that data to our writing team to cross-check and further analyze. Then the writing team started writing on that particular product with a complete description of the product and its features.

Buying Guide

For every reviewed product, we provide a buying guide. In buying guides, we sum all the information and analyze data that we find through research and investigation. With this buying guide, you can easily select the best products that will suit you more.

Who Are We?

Michael Jordan

Michael is the founder of wisephotographer. By profession, he’s a journalist and hobbyist photographer. Because of his profession and passion, he had used a lot of cameras and relevant accessories.

Although Michael had a huge practical knowledge of cameras, besides that, he also studied a lot on them. He had more than 15+ certificates and hundreds of awards in photography.

The main reason behind creating this “wisephotographer” website is that a lot of his friends and colleagues frequently asked him about the best cameras and their accessories.

So he decided to help them in an innovative way and created this site. But the wisephotographer isn’t designed for helping his friends and colleagues only, Michael created this site for everyone who is looking for a camera.

Roy S. Gonzalez

Roy is an editor and the head of our expert team. He’s also a friend of Michael’s. Roy works as a technical expert in a renowned camera manufacturing industry.

He has a vast knowledge of cameras and their accessories and that’s the main reason we hired Roy to our team. He’s also the leader of our research and investigation team. Under his supervision, all the team members completed their tasks.

James J. Howe

James is a research writer and the head of our writing team. He completed his Master’s degree in Linguistics and English Literature. He has a magical power to make things simple and clear to the audience through his writing.

Before joining the wisephotographer, he worked for a popular magazine and different writing agencies. Now James is working with us full time and leading our writing team with his excellence