Canon 70d Focusing Issues and How to Fix

The Canon 70D has some of the best autofocus systems on the market, and it’s ideal for both professional photographers and enthusiasts. But unfortunately, the camera does sometimes struggle with focus issues. However, on this page, our focus is on canon 70d focusing issues and how to fix them.

The Canon 70D has a continuous autofocus problem, which means that the camera struggles to focus and stay on a moving subject (like a child or animal). It also has trouble getting accurate focus when shooting in low-light situations.

Also, the Canon 70D has a few focusing-related issues in recording video. These issues can be worked around, but they make it difficult to use the Canon 70D as a video camera.

The autofocus systems in Canon cameras aren’t always reliable, and this is one of the biggest complaints people have about the 70D. It may take a while before you figure out how to get your camera working the way you want it, but luckily there are all sorts of tips on this page that can help you figure out where your focus went wrong and how to fix it.

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  • The Canon 70D autofocus system is the world’s first AF system that uses phase-detection in live view and video mode.
  • The Intelligent Viewfinder works with the autofocus system to provide a clear, detailed view of your subject and surrounding area.
  • The Canon 70D autofocus system has a feature called Dual Pixel AutoFocus
  • The autofocus system on the 70D has both an optical viewfinder and a live view mode.
  • The Canon 70D’s autofocus system is a hybrid phase-detection/contrast-detection model.

Summary Of the Focus System

The Canon 70d has a focus system that is in demand by photographers. The device uses a 3D Focus engine to achieve excellent color depth and perfect focus. While this device may focus on macro and landscape photography, it can also be used for motion photography.

Summary Of the Focus System

When you photograph your subject with this device, you can easily achieve focus by moving in any direction. In addition, the intuitive system allows you to use the device without worrying about the camera being out of focus or too close to your subject.

If you need a good focus system, then look no further than the Canon 70d. It comes with everything you need and is easy to use, so there is no reason why you should look elsewhere for your photography needs.

One-Shot AF

This is the default mode of most Canon DSLR cameras. An Autofocus mode locks focus on your subject when you press the shutter button halfway. Once the subject is in focus, it will not refocus unless you release and press the shutter button halfway again. This is great for stationary subjects.

AI Servo AF

It engages continuous autofocus, meaning it will continue to search for objects as long as you hold the shutter button halfway down. This is good for moving subjects, and it is the best for sports and action photography.

AI Focus AF

Similar to One-Shot AF, it will switch to AI Servo if it detects motion (like if your subject starts moving). It can detect if a subject is moving or not and adjust its focus accordingly. If a subject is still, it will use One-Shot AF; if it’s moving, it will switch to AI Servo AF. This is a good mode to use if you aren’t sure what sort of subject you will be shooting.

Manual Focus

It helps you select what part of the image you want sharpest and then take the photo. This can be useful if your automatic focus isn’t working well in a given situation (e.g., low light). It is best to use when you want to get precise with your focus or if you are in low light and having trouble getting the camera to autofocus.

Focusing Modes Chart

The chart below describes the modes of focus and their respective functions.

AF Modes How it works When to use it
Autofocus single AF-S / One-Shot AF It works in a way that your camera will lock on the object you want to capture

The object has to be in a position because if it moves, you will have to re-focus again.

It is the best choice for static images



Autofocus continuous AF-C / AI Servo  


This is an advanced mode

The camera will always track the focus object even when it is in motion.

The efficiency of this focus mode depends on lots of factors such as the camera technology, light conditions, and the movement of the subject.

It is perfect for moving objects which makes it a great choice for wildlife photography, sport and many more.
Automatic autofocus Hybrid autofocus / AF-A / AI – Focus AF This is the combination of the single and the continuous AF modes.

In this mode, the camera will always switch between both models to complement the

It is perfect for unpredictable movement which makes it best for children photography.

Why Is My Canon 70d Camera Not Focusing?

It can be frustrating when trying to take that perfect picture, and your camera’s autofocus system isn’t doing its job. It is usually one of two things: either your camera’s lens isn’t in good working order, or else it is but the focus setting on your camera itself isn’t right.

Why Is My Canon 70d Camera Not Focusing

There are ways you can troubleshoot this:

Step one:

Make sure the lens is clean. This is the simplest solution, but it is easy to overlook. Sometimes, if a lens is dirty or has condensation, the autofocus can have trouble getting a reading. Try wiping it down with a dry cloth.

Step Two:

Next, check the viewfinder. Make sure you don’t have something blocking the viewfinder by looking through it and trying to focus on subjects at different distances. If everything looks clear and unobstructed, move on to the next step.

Step Three:

You should also look at the camera’s setting for the autofocus mode. Your camera may have been switched into manual focus mode. Switch it back over if this is the case.

Step Four:

In addition, try taking some test shots of subjects both near and far away from you (and in between). If the images are blurry or out of focus in general, you may want to consider taking your camera in for repairs or testing with another lens to see whether or not the issue is with the lens.

Sometimes, certain lenses can cause your Canon 70d to struggle with focusing. If you have this issue, try putting another lens on your camera and see if the problem persists.

If the problem is your lens, here are a few things to try:

  • First, check that your lens is attached tightly.
  • Check that the aperture ring isn’t stuck or broken.
  • Make sure that the lens aperture isn’t set to manual mode.

Canon 70d Focusing Issues and How to Fix?

There are a couple of problems with the 70D that can make it more difficult to focus than one might hope. First of all, no matter how you are trying to focus, there will be times when it just doesn’t work.

This is especially true if you deal with low light or very dark conditions. It is because the camera has to be able to see something for it to know what to focus on.

Canon 70d Focusing Issues and How to Fix

Another problem is that you need a fast shutter speed for your photos not to be blurry due to motion blur. Therefore, if you are shooting a moving subject, this can get tricky because as soon as they start moving quickly toward or away from you, they will become out of focus again.

However, if you have enough light or use flash, then there is less chance of this happening since everything will appear bright even if it moves quickly through space relative to where your camera’s pointing at any given moment in time.

Therefore, if you are having focusing issues with your Canon 70D, here are the most common solutions:

Clean the Lens Contacts

The first thing to do if you have a lens autofocus problem is clean the lens contacts. Use a soft, clean cloth and gently rub the contacts to remove any grease or dirt. The lens contacts transfer information between the camera and lens, so if they are dirty, it can result in communication issues.

Check for Obstructions

If your lens is having trouble locking onto a subject, check the front of the camera for any obstructions like your finger or a piece of tape. If something is blocking the camera’s view, it won’t be able to focus.

Adjust Af Micro-Adjustment Settings

Try adjusting your autofocus settings if cleaning and checking for obstructions don’t resolve the problem.

Take Your Camera in For Repairs

Finally, if all else fails, take your camera in for repairs if it is still under warranty. Otherwise, you will have to decide whether or not it is worth it to pay for repairs given how old your gear is and what kind of value it has now versus new gear you could purchase instead.


The Canon 70D camera is one of the best DSLR cameras for beginners. It is one of the most popular cameras that Canon makes and is used by people who are new to photography and professionals. However, it has its setback, which is the focus issue.

Many people have complained about the focus issue of the camera, and it has brought a significant setback to the camera. However, this post on canon 70d focusing issues and how to fix them reveals the problem and the solution all in one page.

The setback is not a serious reason for you to overlook the camera. With the information on this page, you can always find it easy to get through with any tips and ways of solving the focusing issue.

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