How to Remove Scratch from Camera Lens?

Scratches on camera lenses can be annoying. They are noticeable in almost every photo you take, but it seems like it isn’t much you can do about them. Well, that assumption is far from the truth. In this article, I will suggest you a few ways on how to remove scratch from camera lens.

There are different ways you can remove a scratch from camera lenses. You can either use natural methods or use ready-made products such as cleaner kits in the market. However, I’ll explicitly talk about the natural methods in this post.

The scratches on the lens and filters are part of regular wear, mostly due to cleaning and normal handling. If you want to keep a high-quality image and video quality, it is important to always keep them clean and scratch-free. So, without further ado, let’s find out how you can get it done.

Does A Lens Scratch Really Impact Your Photos?

Yes, it does. The camera lens module will focus light rays captured through the camera onto the image sensor module when you take a photo. The lens and focus mechanism is responsible for producing a sharp image.

If there are any obstacles or grease, such as dust, fingerprints, or cracks on the lens surface, this light cannot pass through the lens correctly. As a result, the image sensor fails to capture a good photo because of the scattering layers. And the focus image gets blurred and come out unclear.

Does A Lens Scratch Really Impact Your Photos

If there are just a few light scratches on the fingertips, they may not impact your photos much at all. However, when a scratch is deep enough to impact the performance of your lens, it’s called a ‘deep scratch,’ and repairs are needed.

Can A Scratched Camera Lens Be Repaired?

Yes, you can repair a scratched lens. Many scratched camera lenses can be buffed out and returned to a like-new state. However, the process relies on professional expertise and specialized polishing tools.

Can A Scratched Camera Lens Be Repaired

You can remove small scratches with just one polishing session, but the process for deep or thick scratches is more extensive. One important note: don’t attempt to polish your scratched lens yourself. You could end up doing more damage than good.

However, there are simple methods you can use to clean the lens, such as the natural ways and cleaning kits. I will discuss each of the methods below.

How To Remove Scratches From Camera Lens?

If you desire to remove scratches on your camera lens, you should consider any of the following methods, starting with natural ways.

How To Remove Scratches From Camera Lens

Using Toothpaste

Scratches on your camera lens can be difficult to remove. However, it’s cheaper and easier than you might think. There are a variety of methods for removing scratches from camera lenses. Toothpaste is one of the best options available, and most people have it in their homes.

It is not just for keeping your teeth clean. Using a small amount of toothpaste, gently massage the scratched area using a circular motion with a soft cloth or cotton swab. Toothpaste acts as an abrasive cleaner and will remove a thin layer of the lens coating.

Use Pencil Eraser

If your camera lens has a scratch, you can use a pencil eraser to remove it. The method is effective and straightforward to use. Simply rub the eraser on the surface of the lens over the scratch in a circular motion about 10-15 times. This will help remove the dust from the lens, and if the scratch is not that deep, it might even erase off.

Then use a cotton swab to gently clean the cleaner from the lens. If the scratch is deep, you may need more pencil eraser cleaner to completely remove it. Do not push too hard with the cotton swab, as you do not want to leave an additional dent when applying pressure.

Use Alcohol on The Camera Lens

Alcohol is a common remedy to rid lenses of scratches, such as eyeglasses or sunglasses. You can use alcohol the same way you would use toothpaste or baking soda. Alcohol doesn’t have any abrasive qualities but effectively removes greasy substances.

Place some rubbing alcohol on a lens cloth and rub it onto the scratch. The solution will enter the micro-abrasions and polish them from the inside out, reducing their visibility.

Use Baking Soda

The baking soda method works very well for scratches on lenses. First, lay a bit of baking soda directly on the scratch and gently rub it in. Next, take a moist cloth on top of the baking soda and gently wipe it off. Add more baking soda if the scratch does not go away completely.

Use Lens Polisher

Scratches on the lens can lead to hazy pictures. You can remove scratches from camera lenses by buffing them with a good lens polisher. Ensure you read the directions carefully and do not apply too much pressure when buffing, as this can cause more damage.

The use of a lens polisher and wax allows you to clean your camera lens at home. It is simple, easy and cheap, and you don’t have to go to the shops for expensive treatments.

Use Vaseline

If you have got many Paintball Action Cameras with scratches on the lens, you can consider cleaning using Vaseline. Vaseline is a great way to remove scratches from your camera lens. Just rub it on and wipe it away.

Vaseline can be rubbed into the scratch using a soft and clean cloth. Use small circular motions to avoid damaging the camera lens further. Then simply remove any excess Vaseline with a dry paper towel.

Use Scratch Remover Kits

Scratches on a camera lens can be removed by using scratch repair kits. These kits contain three different abrasives, so you’ll have the right agent to remove each layer of scratches. Then, you just need to get to the right remove kits in the market.

There are many out there in the market, and while some can get you the best result, some will worsen the situation. Therefore, you need to ensure that you only get the right lens remover kits.

Should You Replace Or Repair A Scratched Camera Lens?

It doesn’t matter if you have a $500 digital camera or a $5000 digital camera, you are going to want to do everything you can to protect your investment. It is sad but true that no matter how careful you try to be, accidents happen, and your camera lens could end up being scratched.

If ever this does happen, there are two main options available to you to fix the problem: either replace or repair the scratched camera lens. The right option for you will depend on just how bad the scratch is on the camera lens and the overall cost of either fixing or replacing it.

Repairing or replacing mostly depends on how many scratches the lens has and where they are located. Lenses with major scratches may still be usable, while other scratches may limit their ability to capture quality images.

When this happens, you usually want the service to repair your scratched camera lens. Having a damaged lens is not that big of a deal in most cases because most people have more than one camera lens in their possession.

Tips to Avoid Scratches in The Future

There is profit in protecting what you purchased with huge money. If you have got an expensive camera, you will want to do all it takes to keep the camera in good condition, especially the lens.

Tips to Avoid lens Scratches in The Future

Here are some helpful tips on how to avoid camera lens scratches.

Always Keep Your Lens Caps On

If you want to see to it that your camera lens is always free of scratches, then the simplest and easiest way to do this is by minding where you keep the camera. While sometimes it may be necessary to remove the lens from the camera body, we recommend keeping the lens caps on whenever possible.

Make Sure Your Lens Is Clean and Dry Before Caping

We all know that our DSLR cameras are very expensive, so it is important to take good care of them, especially the lenses. Since the lenses are all glass, the glass can easily get scratched when we don’t store them properly and properly close their lens caps. Make sure your lens is clean and dry before capping it.

Use a Soft Cloth to Clean

It’s best to use a soft cloth to clean your camera lenses, as cotton swabs are likely to leave residue. Besides, other types of material can scratch the lens or possibly cause it to fog up if the cloth is wet with condensation. So before you go and use those cotton swabs to clean your camera lens, try and find a soft cloth instead.


How to remove scratch from a camera lens? As mentioned in this article, you can follow the natural treatments using toothpaste, alcohol, Vaseline, and other stuff. Or, you can use a scratch remover kit to do it more effectively. The decision is up to you.

However, it’s best to avoid getting your camera lenses scratched to begin with. I’ve mentioned the ways you can do it. Just give the article another read if you’re missing out on any info.

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