How Much Does It Cost To Develop Film?

Film photography may have been replaced by smartphones and digital cameras, even so, it has a lot to offer if anyone asks for it. Even today, many people are exploring the aesthetic and rewarding world of film cameras due to accurate sharpness and better control over exposure, focus, and shutter speed. And if you’re a film photography neophyte, you may wonder how to get films developed. More importantly, how much does it cost to develop film?

There are many retail stores and online services available for film development. However, it’s difficult to provide a straightforward figure of how much it’ll cost because different services charge different amounts.

No worries. I’ll break the best online and offline services and their pricing you can try to have your film developed. Let’s get to it.

Where Do People Get Their Film Developed?

To have your film developed, you can choose from either retail stores or online services. It depends on you from where you want to take service, and if you’re a newbie, not worried we’re here to help.

Where Do People Get Their Film Developed

Here we’ll discuss some of the reliable services that you take to help to develop your film photography. Have a look:

1. Retail Stores

Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS are some of the best retail stores offering local film development services. As a film photographer if you want to know about them in detail, follow the section below:


Walmart offers the most popular and cheap film development service among all. And you’ll find a Walmart branch near you as Walmart offers a bunch of branches around the country.

Walmart photo center

This service can develop 35mm or 120mm film and also black & white and color film. Moreover, Walmart can also develop single-use cameras and disposable cameras as well. Walmart takes a bit more time to develop films, and once your prints are ready, they will let you know.

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Walgreens is another standard category film development service that offers quality service. They also don’t give the negative back and provide digital copies on a CD, but the print is not included with the overall cost.


Walgreens has no online ordering service, and you’ll easily find a Walgreens branch near you. Most importantly, Walgreens takes less time than Walmart to complete the film development service.


CVS is among the few retail stores that offer film development services. They come with a lot of branches and provide high-quality scans and prints. CVS comes with 4×6 prints from 35mm film and takes 7-10 business days before delivery.

CVS pharmacy

Alongside 35mm and white and color film, CVS can develop 110, Advantix (APS), and slide film. However, the service can differ based on different locations. And once your films are developed CVS will inform you about them.

2. Online Services

Alongside many retail services and many local camera shops, there are many online services available that you can take help from. Follow the section below to discover them with their service details:


The is one of the most popular online film development services with a free shipping service and 3-7 days turnaround period. They return the negative back after processing, and you’ll get the scans through a personalized web gallery.


Richard Photo Lab

Richard Photo Lab is another old film processing service that has been providing service since 1970. They offer easy online orders with a tracking system and free shipping service. Most importantly Richard Photo Lab will also give your negative back and they take 4-5 days to process and deliver your photos.

Richard Photo Lab

Dwayne’s Photo

Unlike others, Dwayne’s Photo doesn’t offer a free shipping service, but they offer quality film development service. They also give the negative back and can process different film formats in up to 12 business days. And after scanning you can easily get the scans through your email.

Dwayne’s Photo

Blue Moon Camera And Machine

Blue Moon Camera And Machine is another reliable film development or processing service. It offers common to many different types of film processing and can also scan panoramic and half-frame negatives. Unlike other film development services, Blue Moon Camera And Machine also offer retouching services as well. However, Blue Moon Camera takes their time with processing, with a turnaround time that generally goes over 7 days.

Blue Moon Camera And Machine comes with an easy online order system that offers a unique push or pull service. Here you can track your order, and they primarily only develop 35mm film and medium film formats. offers film development in both colors including color and black and white. And their turnaround time can go up to 10 days.

Apart from taking service from these retailer stores and online services, you can also develop your film at home. However, home film development requires a complete set-up, proper materials, and, of course, reliable guidance. If you truly want to feel the essence of film photography, you can opt for a home lab.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Film?

As you can already tell, many local retail stores and online services are available for film development. And it’s common that not all services will come with the same cost ranges.

So, explore the cost range of film development offered by different services following the section below:

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Film

1. Walmart

Walmart takes a longer time than any other film development service, which is 2-3 weeks. And some of the Walmart branches may provide you with the negative, but most will only give you a standard 4″ print plus a digital copy. Prints and CDs of scanned negatives are included with the development cost.


Number of exposures Single Prints Double Prints
12 exposures $7.96 $9.96
24 exposures $9.96 $12.96
27 exposures $10.96 $14.96
36 exposures $13.96 $18.96

2. Walgreens


Walgreens is slightly more expensive than the Walmart services. But apart from that, they offer the fastest turnaround time, which is 7- 10 days. And, like Walmart, Walgreens also included the CD cost with the film development cost.

Number of exposures Single Prints Double Prints
12 exposures $11.99 $13.99
24 exposures $14.99 $18.99
27 exposures $15.86 $20.43
36 exposures $17.99 $23.49
39 exposures $18.82 $24.39

3. CVS

CVS should come in the first place when it’s about ensuring top quality with a short-dated turnaround time.  Basically, they take 7 – 10 business days, and they can develop films like APS, back and white, slide films, and also 110.


Number of exposures Single Prints Double Prints
12 exposures $10.99 $12.99
24 exposures $14.42 $17.85
27 exposures $14.99 $18.99
36 exposures $16.99 $21.99

4. Online Services

Take a look at how much it will cost when if you develop a film through different online services.


Service Service charge
Color 35mm & scans $12
B&W 35mm & scans $12
Without scans $8 for color and B&W
Free Shipping Yes

Richard Photo Lab:

Service Service charge
Color 35mm & scans $15
B&W 35mm & scans $15
Without scans $8 for color and B&W
Free Shipping Yes

Dwayne’s Photo:

Service Service charge
Color 35mm & scans $9
B&W 35mm & scans $10
Without scans $6 for color and $7 B&W
Free Shipping No

Blue Moon Camera And Machine:

Service Service charge
Color 35mm & scans $22.25
B&W 35mm & scans $26
Without scans $6.25 for color and $10 for B&W
Free Shipping No

Service Service charge
Color 35mm & scans $12
B&W 35mm & scans $16
Without scans $6 for color
Free Shipping No

Bottom Line

How much does it cost to develop film in film photography? You’ll find differences in the cost range due to service quality and turnaround period.

As you can see, there are a bunch of film photography development services available. From local or retail stores to online services, you can take help from any of them to get up close with film photography.

Taking the risks of doing it at home is also another option. However, online services may serve you better than others as some of them offer cheap prices and fast delivery overall. Make your choice and go out explore the best of analog photography!

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